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Registration Form                            Download here

Registration Period                         October 1 - 30
     Registration Fee

            Registration Fee - USD:250 CNY:1,700 JPY:21,000 TWD:7,500 HKP:2,100

    Memorials Submission                   November 1 - 8
            Either of Applicant's memorial or Respondent's memorial should be submitted online.

    Case Materials

            Record / Clarification of the Record

    Registration Contact Point

            Prof. Ihm Sahng Hyeog
            E-mail : truthfinder@ssu.ac.kr 


                October 30                 DEADLINE for applications
                November 8               DEADLINE for Submission of Memorials
                                                     (Full versions of one's side memorial, Applicant or Respondent)

                November 19           

                                                    On-site REGISTRATION at Soongsil University

                November 20           
                                                    3rd Godang International Conference of Law

                November 20 - 22
                                                   Preliminary competitions, Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals

                November 22

                                                   Tour and National Costume Party

                November 23
                                                   Final Competition, Awards Ceremony   

What is The EARR

    Stetson and Soongsil Universities are delighted to announce their continuous partnership to bring the Stetson IEMCC closer to East Asia. Soongsil University's College of Law will host the 2nd East Asia Regional in Seoul, Korea. The East Asia Regional Rounds will be held from 19 November to 23 November, 2013. The top teams will then be invited to the International Finals.

    Teams from China(Mainland, Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan), Guam, Japan, Mongolia, Saipan and Korea are required to participate in this regional prior to reaching the international finals at Stetson in April 10 -12, 2014.

    Teams from other countries near East Asia and beyond are also invited to compete at this competition in Seoul if no local regional is available for their home area.

    Teams that hail from the countries of ASEAN(Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) are required to first coordinate their IEMCC participation with the South East Asia Regional Rounds and Stetson University.

What is The IEMCC

    The International Environmental Moot Court Competition (IEMCC) is the most prestigious international environmental law moot court competition in the world. It convenes annually at Stetson University near Tampa, Florida. Soongsil University's College of Law is Stetson's new partner in bringing the prestigious IEMCC to East Asia.


    The IEMCC provides an excellent educational opportunity. Every year the IEMCC raises exciting international environmental law issues, bringing awareness and educational opportunities to law students around the world. This year's competition focuses on sustainable development and the ecology of sea turtles. Students have the opportunity to perform legal research in international law, to write formal legal memorials, and to present adversarial oral arguments in competition.

    Stetson and Soongsil are united in their hopes to improve access to learning and moot experiences by bringing the IEMCC to Seoul. They hope this new location in the heart of East Asia will make travel and other costs more affordable for students from East Asia. Soongsil and Stetson hope that by bringing students from all over East Asia together to discuss these important environmental legal issues that a partnership can be built for a future greener East Asia.

    Soongsil University's College of Law is also inviting professors of environmental law to come and share their research at a conference held during the East Asia Regional week of competition.


    Transportations should be corrected to singular case, Transportation.

    To and From Incheon International Airport (Few edits were needed, so edits are underscored, everything else is unchanged.)

    As you depart Incheon International Airport, use one of the methods below to get directly to Soongsil University. It will take you approximately one hour to arrive depending on the traffic.

        By Subway

            You can take the Express Subway to Seoul Train Station.
            It will take about one hour to reach Seoul.


            You can catch a taxi by the front door of the station.
            Or, you can take bus (No. 501) to Soongsil. The buses are queued in from of the train station.


        By Bus

            Route information and ticket booths for buses to Seoul and nearby areas are located at bus stops outside each exit on the 1st floor of the Airport. For details, go to the nearest Bus Information Counter. You will want to catch a bus to either "Seoul National University Station" or to the "Express Bus Terminal".

            If you arrive at Seoul National University Station, you will then have to catch a bus to Soongsil University. As you leave the subway follow the signs to exit 7, and about 150 meters from the station you will see a bus stop where you can catch one of several buses no.501, 641, 750A, 750B or 5517. The bus ride is about 15 minutes up the hill to Soongsil University.

            If you arrive at Express Bus Terminal, you can catch the subway [LINE #7] directly to Soongsil University Station; the ride will last about 12 minutes.

        By Call Van Services

            Taxi stop at Incheon Airport, Gate No. 4C
                    Fare : approximately 90,000 KRW

            These are convenient when there is a group arriving together. The Jumbo Taxi can hold up to 5 passengers and the fare is a flat rate not based on per person. It will take approximately 90 minutes under normal traffic conditions.

        By Taxi

            Taxi stop at Incheon Airport, Gate No. 5C
                    Fare : approximately 60,000 KRW

            Once you clear customs, and exit the main terminal, go to taxi stop No.5C where there are taxis that will go to Seoul.

East Asia Regional Round(EARR)
of the Stetson IEMCC 2013-2014

Sea Turtle Protection and Cultural Practices

Soongsil University College of Law, Seoul, Korea
November 19 (Tue) ~ November 23 (Sat), 2013