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Email Service

  • Eligibility : Students, Faculty, and Staff
  • Account format :
  • Access point : u-SAINT portal or after log-in
  • Email capacity : 100MB for students, 1GB for faculty and staff

Notes for Outlook Users

  • POP3 (receiving) : , SMTP(sending) :
  • When setting up for an Outlook account, select ‘Authentication needed for Mail server' to be able to send the mail.

Setting up for MS Office Outlook 2007

Procedures for Dormant Email Accounts

The following policy is in effect against dormant email accounts for optimum management of the system :

  • No log-in history within the recent 3 months : Email reception is suspended but could be immediately reactivated by entering the correct password.
  • No log-in history within the recent 6 months : Email reception is suspended but could be reactivated if an official at the Information Support office acknowledges.
  • No log-in history within 12 months:Email account is cancelled.

Use of Outlook without access to the webmail is recognized as a regular access, resulting in no dormant account.

[Note] If log-in is not allowed even though you enter the correct password, it is because there has been no log-in activity within the last 6 months, resulting in a dormant account. If you want to reactivate your account, send your email ID, student number or staff number, and the last 7 digits of the resident number to an official, who will review the data and take care of your problem.

Spam Mail Policy

  • Connection Level Filtering
    • Filtering Relay
    • Filtering Sending IPs
    • Dynamic IP Filtering by monitoring the number of accesses per hour
    • Limiting the number of simultaneous accesses per hour
    • Connected to Real-time Black Lists
  • TCP Connection Level
    • Applying Relay Policy
    • Dynamic IP Filtering: Preventing Overload against SMTP Attacks and DDoS.
    • Connection Level Allowance Designation
  • SMTP(Protocal) Level Filtering
    • DNS Test
    • SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Test
  • Content Level Filtering
    • Pattern Filtering
    • Spam Finger Printer
    • Artificial Intelligence Filtering
  • Request for Preventing Reoccurrence of Error Detection
    • In case of filtering normal mails, send the false spam notice or the mail account of the sender, and the date to the Information Operations team at
    • In case of failing to filter spam mails, send the suspicious mail to the Information Operations team at

Setting Up for Smartphone Mail