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College of Humanities

The College of Humanities ultimately pursues understanding of human nature, society and life, based on Truth and Service, the Christian founding philosophy of Soongsil University. It also aims at cultivating competent professionals who can make a great contribution to national growth and take the lead in globalization.


College of Natural Sciences

The curricula of the College of Natural Sciences are aimed at not only molding students' personality based on Christian principles but also boosting their logical and mathematical skills. Through these education programs, students are trained to be professionals equipped with proper values and good character and committed to serving the nation and humanity.


College of Law

The College of Law provides education aimed at fostering professionals who, with a firm faith in Christian principles, can promote democratic legal culture for our society.


College of Social Science

The College of Social Sciences offers comprehensive social science curricula aimed at training students to have a good Christian personality, to see social phenomena from more analytical and balanced point of views and to enhance their judging capabilities by the normative standards. Through pragmatic education programs, it also prepares students for the era of informatization and globalization and cultivates professionals who can play a key role in our society.


College of Business and Economics

The College of Business and Economics has been following the 100-year-old traditional spirit of Soongsil University: the founding Christian philosophy of Truth and Service, academic pragmatism, and educational modernization. Each of its programs is well-organized to meet specific demands from society and help students become competent professionals in today's global market.


College of Engineering

The College of Engineering nurtures students into creative and responsible brains who can successfully respond to changing demands resulting from the advent of new era and technological advances. It has established specific objectives to prepare and support its students to become leaders in the highly technological and informatized fields.


College of Infomation Technology

The curricula of the College of Information and Technologies are highly interdisciplinary to combine engineering with natural and social sciences, as well as information technology with information culture in the category of art. They are aimed at nurturing creative and educated social leaders equipped with Christian spirit and professional technological skills required by the informatized society.