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Student Loan

Student Loan
CriteriaRegular Student LoanIncome Contingent Loan
Age55 or younger35 or younger
(in the immediately previous semester)
  • Freshmen : No limitation
  • Continuing students
    a minimum score of 70 (out of a possible 100) for 12 or more units: a C average or better)
  • Special recommendations : Students with below the minimum score requirement can be allowed to apply for the loan up to twice while attending college.
  • Freshmen
    At least two subjects must be Grade 6 or better in College SAT—among Language, Math, English, Social Studies, and Natural Sciences.
  • Continuing students
    a minimum score of 80 (out of a possible 100) for 12 or more units: a B average or better)
  • Exceptions
    Students who are physically challenged or who are in the final semester are exempt from the GPA requirement.
  • Special recommendations
    Not Applicable
  • No income restrictions
  • No multi-child support available
  • Within the top seven deciles
  • Multi-child support: Income deciles do not apply to the third child and on.
Financial CreditsApplications NOT open to students with a bad credit historyNo credit restrictions: Applications open to financial liabilities delinquents and to those with a low credit report.
Loan Limit
  • Tuition and fees
    A maximum amount of \40,000,000 while attending college (or \50,000,000 for five-year college students)
  • Semester limit: Not exceeding the combined amount of tuition and fees, living expenses, and the cost of language training
  • Living expenses: \2,000,000 per year (\1,000,000 per semester)
  • Full tuition and fees (no limits)
  • Living expenses: \2,000,000 per year (\1,000,000 per semester)
Loan Term
  • Maximum loan term
    20 years (a maximum deferred-payment period of 10 years plus a repayment period of 10 years)
  • Repayment of the principal and interests is deferred until your income exceeds the repayment point (\15,920,000 per year). The loan term applies until the full repayment of the principal and interests (deferred period + repayment period).
  • Conditional exemptions: If you are 65 or older and if you do not have extra income except the national pension and if the amount of pension is below the income standard designated by presidential decree, then you are exempt from the repayment of your loan.