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Health Absences

How to Apply for "Health Absences"

You can apply for "health absences" on-line only on U-saint portal.

Access to U-saint portal " Academic Management " Registration/Class " Application for

  • Select "Health Absence" among categories of absence.
  • Select choices for date of absence, cause for absence, and missing course(s)


Access to U-saint portal and on-line application " Authorization by customer service team " Access to U-saint and on-line review " Downloading health absence notice and submission to instructor(s)


  • Health absence is available to female students only when they are absent from school due to physiological reasons.
  • Fill in with "Health Absence" in the blank for "Reason for Absence." Note that this form is not for any other diseases such as stomach-ache and flu or for a hospital appointment.
  • "Health Absence" is allowed once in three weeks and a total of three times in a semester.
  • "Health Absence" must be applied for within seven days from the day of absence.
  • Downloading of the form is available within 10 days of application.
  • "Health Absence" is allowed until one week before the end of the semester, but is not allowed during the midterm and final exams.
  • "Health Absence" is not allowed for the chapel.

For more info, contact Customer Service Team at 820-0068