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- SESS (Soongsil Exchange Student Scholarship)
Since studying abroad can be a financial burden for some students, we have developed several scholarships to counterbalance this. The scholarships not only aim to relieve some of your burden but also provide you with some practical experience.

- SESS (Soongsil Exchange Student Scholarship)
Housing WaiverLiving in the apartment or Soongsil Residence Hall for a semester Up to 1,200,000 KRW
Peer MonitoringPassing on their native language skills and culture to fellow classmates 96 hours per semester (6 hours/week) for up to 5 Soongsil students 1,440,000 KRW
InternshipWorking in one of several offices on campus for a semester 160 hours per semester (10 hours/week) 800,000 KRW

- ASEM DUO scholarship (DUO-Korea)
Established in 2001, the DUO-Korea Fellowship Program was developed to promote exchanges between Korea and European countries on a balanced basis, thus requires two students to be involved in the exchange, one Korean national student from Soongsil and another from a partner university in Europe. Students may either be an undergraduate or a graduate student, who are currently enrolled in the universities participating. The application period is mid-April through mid-May for the following semester, and allows for only a single semester exchange. See the website for further information on how to apply. Additionally, applications must be submitted by the Soongsil International Relations Office on behalf of the students and both institutes. So, if you are interested inquiry can be made through the Soongsil International Relations Office.