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Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar
Semester 1 (Spring Semester)Semester 2 (Fall Semester)
Application DeadlineNovember 15May 15
Course RegistrationMid FebruaryMid August
Classes StartFirst working day of MarchFirst working day of September
Course Add/Drop PeriodFirst week of MarchFirst week of September
Course Drop PeriodThird week of MarchThird week of September
Midterm WeekMid-April
(Eighth week of Semester)
(Eighth week of Semester)
Final WeekMid-June
(Sixteenth week of Semester)
(Sixteenth week of Semester)
National Holidays▪ Independence Day: March 1
▪ Children's Day: May 5
▪ Buddha's Birthday: April 4 on the Lunar
Calendar (Often in May)
▪ Memorial Day: June 6
▪ Chuseok: August 15 on the Lunar Calendar
(Often in September/mid-October)
▪ National Foundation Day: October 3
▪ Hangeul Day: October 9