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Leaving Soongsil

Checking your grades

  • Before you get a transcript, you can check your grades online. However, you will need to do a course evaluation prior to checking your grades.
    1) Log-in to u-SAINT
    2) Click on Management of school affairs
    3) Course Registration and click on the first course
    4) Click on Course Evaluation

    After finishing all of the course evaluations, you are now able to check your grades. However, this service is only available during the evaluation period usually after the final examinations.
    1) Log-in to u-SAINT
    2) Click on Management of school affairs
    3) Choose Course Grade/Graduate altering the semester accordingly (if required)
    4) Then Display course grades per semester


  • We will be able to send out a transcript to your home university in late July for the spring semester, and in late January for the fall semester. It usually takes one to two weeks for it to arrive.

Certificate of Completion

  • You will be able to receive a certificate of completion for the exchange student program at the end of a semester.
Grading System

The Grade Point Average is the weighted sum of the grade points earned, divided by the number of courses in which the grade points were earned. The cumulative grade point average, which normally appears at the end of a transcript, is based on all courses taken at the University for which grades have been assigned. Generally, individual courses are graded as follows:

Academic Calendar
Letter GradeGrade Point ValuePercentageDescription