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Welcome to our place! - I warmly welcome you to the Korean Christian Museum at Soongsil University

The Korean Christian Museum, Korea's first specialized university museum, was established in 1967. However, the Korean Christian Museum was initially opened in 1948. Despite the great social turmoil in the wake of Korea's liberation in 1945, Prof. Kim Yang-Sun (whose pen-name was Maesan) employed his vast knowledge and professionalism to establish the Korean Christian Museum with the aim of restoring the national spirit and promoting the Christian faith. With the end of Korean War and the reconstruction of Soongsil University in Seoul in 1954, Prof. Kim Yang-Sun joined the history department and donated 3,600 precious relics from his collection to his alma mater, thereby laying the foundations for a museum to be established at Soongsil University.

The Christian Museum at Soongsil University today ranks among the few great university museums in Korea. To the Christian community it has become an excellent educational institute that allows people to experience the history of Korean Christianity, including the spontaneous acceptance and creative development of the faith. In terms of its academic activities, the museum has led major projects to unearth many important relics from numerous prehistoric sites, including the Amsa-dong and Yeoksam-dong sites in Seoul in the 1960s, the Seodun-dong site in Suwon in the 1970-80s, and the Misa-ri site in Hanam in the 1980-90s, thus contributing to the development of Korea's archeological community.

In April 2004, the museum was transferred to its current location and reopened, housing modern exhibition facilities and scientific archives. Since that special occasion, we have striven to ensure the better operation of the museum and promote academic activities. To that end, we published Pictorial Records on the Korean Christian Museum in 2004, as well as the Bibliographies of the Ancient Literature Housed in the Museum and the Korean Christian Museum Journal in 2005. We also published the English Pictorial Records of Relics Housed in the Museum in the spring of 2006.

The Korean Christian Museum at Soongsil University serves the following functions:
(1) Our museum is a treasure house filled with the cultural heritage of Korean nationals and Korean Christianity.
(2) Our museum is an academic institute that seeks to inspire young students with passion and a creative pioneering spirit.
(3) Our museum is a popular cultural organization that serves to educate the general public, the Christian community, and people from around the world about Korea's national culture and the history of Korean Christianity.
(4) Our museum is an international cultural organization that shares elements of the world's cultural heritage with people from all around the world.

The publication entitled English Pictorial Records of Relics Housed in the Museum is dedicated to the memory of the hard work of the museum's founder, Professor Kim Yang-Sun (museum director: 1948-1970) and the late Professor Yim Byung-Tae (museum director: 1970-1995). These two figures' passion and service have made our Museum a cultural institute that we can all be proud of today. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to voice my appreciation to President Lee Hyo-Gye, for whose strong support I am deeply grateful. I extend a warm welcome once again to all visitors to our museum, and hope that throughout the museum you will appreciate Soongsil's spirit and culture.

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