1. Apply
    • Model 01
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  2. Lease Guide

Model 01


Apply process of Academic-industry cooperation education curriculum
• Korea Information Technology Company(ITC)
          such as S/W, H/W, Computer animation, Digital design and so on...
• (Pre)Venture company of S/W and H/W can apply to satisfy above conditions 
          such as pre-founder or S/W products or developing company
• Who can establish a ODC(overseas development center, Branch/Independent company) in Vietnam(Hochiminh) 
          and dispatch a instructor to SSA for own education course.
• Other ITC, government agency, serviced ITC business partner and so on...

 Participation term and burden
• Minimum 6 month for education
• 2 month(SSA) + 4 month(ITC, Based on practical practice project)
• Dispatch a instructor to SSA for practical practice project education(English only, Manager level) from ITC
  - Cost of instructor(sojourn, salary and so on)
• Employ a students who graduated SSA with top and brilliant score

 Process of apply and procedure

 Application of Join
• Application 1 copy (Download: 첨부 파일 Academic_Industry_Cooperation_eng.docx)
• Send a mail :
 Contact counsel number
• 070-7526-0017