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 Best choice for advanced IT Expert!

SSA’s curriculum is bringing up of professional programming and digital design for its IT expert. SSA has consisted of a two different education courses managed from Soongsil University. First course, Job Employment, is connecting to famous Korean IT companies for employment. Second course, Venture creation, is teaching students with venture mind of entrepreneurship.  

These special curriculums are recommended who want to employment and venture creation for Vietnam IT talented person in programming area and digital design area. Also, SSA’s curriculums will remind and re-skill ability of work in IT Korea companies or venture creation in Vietnam. 

The first university of Korea which established from 1897, Soongsil University’s advanced curriculums are govern a below courses. 

Job employment course

Train a IT programmer

n   Programming Expert Class : Java WiseUX Expert Course

This course curriculum is composed by ICOMPIA, which development company of VALUE CHAIN SOLUTION is support to SAMSUNG, Korea Enterprise companies and Korea famous Banks, and Soongsil University.

This course can train new technologies which is based on a JAVA programming language and WiseUX solution by ICOMPIA developed module.

This WiseUX solution is included DB, Publishing program, Graphics, Multi-media, Network, and Telecommunication with practical practice projects.

All courses are managed by SSU’s management system during 480 hours (6 months) include practical project about 160 hours. 

SSA supports a students, who got a high score point from their course, for advance to Master degree in Soongsil University, get a job in ICOMPIA or get another job of this IT field. 

n   Digital Design Expert Class : preparing open a course

Venture Creation Course 

Venture Creation Leader training of Mobile system 

n   Programming Venture Creation Class : Mobile Android Venture Creation Course

SSA governs a course as “Android Venture Creation Course”. This course manages for students who interest to open a company in Vietnam or who graduated from programming course of SSA.

This course will educates about Mobile system analysis, Design, Software engineering, Business information system and Venture enterprise researching during 300 hours of the part of 6 month. Also students have to study Android programming for Expert of Android system on this time.

In this time, students will publish 4 projects (2 practical practice projects, 2 practical projects) for establish their own company or get a expert experience. 

SSA will supports a students, who got a high score point from their course, for establish their own company or get a job in Android mobile area as a expert engineer. 

n   Digital Design Expert Class : preparing open a course